Various documents.
Various sizes. Various languages.

Translation of documents for legal entities

Document translation with or without notarisation or translation agency attestation.
We have several departments that specialise in various areas of documentation translation:
  • Technical

  • Legal

  • Financial and economic

  • Marketing

  • Medical

  • Information Technology

Find out the cost of
translating the documents you need

Save Save on translating large amounts of text.

When translating large, similar or same types of texts (instructions, specifications), we only charge for unique fragments. Our special software highlights repetitive fragments and we exclude them from the final cost.

The greater the amount of similar documentation, the greater the savings. In addition, this software allows us to significantly speed up the translation process. A separate database of terms is created for each client.

Translation of technical texts Translation of technical texts.

Technical translation requires special expertise and qualifications, as well as accuracy and deadline management. At PFAT Translation Agency, technical translations are performed by experienced translators, and proofreaders further ensure their correctness and compliance with terminology.

At PFAT Translation Agency, you can order the translation of:
  • Contractor agreements
  • Building regulations
  • Cost estimates
  • Certificates
  • Technical standards
  • Documentation for household appliances
  • Descriptions of production lines and processes
  • Documentation for engineering equipment
  • Engineering instructions
  • Equipment operation documentation
  • Industrial machinery documentation
  • Process documentation
  • Safety data sheets
  • Equipment catalogues
  • Technical designs
  • Technical specifications
  • User manuals
  • and others
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Find out the cost of
translating the documents you need

Unique services Unique services for
companies and entrepreneurs.

Remote interpretation

When on business trips, at foreign exhibitions or conferences, the need for an interpreter may arise. You do not have to take one with you and pay for their travel and accommodation - you can use the video link when it is necessary.

Our interpreter will constantly be in touch and waiting for your call. To use this service, a preliminary agreement is required.

Proofreading before publication

Preliminary proofreading of texts before publication. If you order a large print run of banners, leaflets or instructions, this offer is just for you.

Trust our specialists, who not only know foreign languages perfectly, but also understand the relevant industry.

Advantages of PFAT Advantages of PFAT.

Translation and certification services without visiting our office

If you need a standard translation, just email us your files and pay for the services via bank transfer.

If you need notarisation and/or apostilisation, we will need your document originals. You can send them by mail or courier. We are always happy to see you in our office at 39 Baznicas St, Riga.

Translations on credit

You need to translate documents, but the cost is high? We are the only translation agency that offers services on credit!

If the amount exceeds EUR 100, we will provide a form for applying to the credit institution and help with the registration of payment by instalments.

Find out how much it will cost you to translate the necessary documents right now to plan your budget.

Urgent Urgent translations - when waiting is not an option. We will complete any order as quickly as possible. If you need it to be done even faster, we can discuss this.

Urgent document translation is more expensive. Do not delay the preparation of documents till later - you may need additional documents or certificates at the last moment. We recommend finding out the list of documents in advance and calculating the cost of their translation and certification.

Find out the cost of
translating the documents you need

About PFAT About PFAT. (Professional Fast and Accurate Translations)

A team of certified translators, editors and proofreaders. We translate documents of any complexity and provide document notarisation, apostillisation and legalisation services. What edge do we have over our competitors?
  • We work fast. We are able to translate most standard documents within 1 day. Please define your exact needs and we will offer the earliest deadline.
  • Our translators specialize in a specific area. They translate texts relevant to the industry they have experience in.
  • Every order is important to us. We treat translations of various formats and areas responsibly. When working, we respect your wishes.
  • We have no limits on the size and cost of the order - we are happy to translate one sentence or thousands of pages.
  • We are always open to dialogue. We will find the solution that suits you best. We are ready to discuss deadlines, payment terms, work formats and other details.
Translators working with different languages
Orders per month on average
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Languages available for translation

Translation process Translation process.

  • 01
    The document is translated by a philologist who specializes in a particular area, then an expert is involved to advise on terminology. After that, the texts are handed over to an editor and a proofreader.
  • 02
    A team of experts works with the documents, so the translated text is always correct, accurate and flawless. We follow the instructions received from the client carefully or use reference materials if no specific instructions are given.
  • 03
    Our team not only translates documents but also carefully checks and proofreads them. All of our proofreaders have philology degrees, thus along with the guaranteed correctness and accuracy of the translated text, its euphony is also ensured.
  • 04
    Editing and proofreading are included in the standard translation cost. We also offer text editing and proofreading as separate services.
  • 05
    With PFAT Translation agency, you can be confident in the quality of the translated text and its full compliance with industry requirements and relevant terminology.

PFAT work philosophy PFAT work philosophy.

The skills of our experts are tested regularly. We hold advanced training, seminars and courses.
We respond quickly and always offer competitive deadlines. We will deal with your matter as fast as possible.
You can entrust us with any documents and we will translate them within a given time frame.
We execute all documents in accordance with the current requirements of Latvian legislation.
Our partners trust us.

Our main areas of expertise Our main areas of expertise .

Food industry.
industry (MSDS).
Telecommunications and IT.
Metalworking industry.
Logistics and transport.
Term and graduation papers.

Find out the cost of
translating the documents you need

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